Zambia’s President on a state visit to China

11 Sep 2023

Zambian President Hakainde Hichilema has initiated a state visit to China in an effort to further strengthen economic diplomacy and boost cooperation.

President of the People’s Republic of China, Xi Jinping, extended the invitation to President Hichilema.

The Zambian President’s visit to China is focused on developing the collaboration between the two governments in sectors such as infrastructure, energy, mining and manufacturing, amongst others, Lusaka Times reports.

This state visit aims to facilitate interaction with key players within China’s economy and bolster cooperation and partnership in different areas.

The energy sector is of particular focus as the delegation seeks to look into opportunities in green energy and a likely shift towards electric vehicles, the report goes on to add.

Furthermore, Clayson Hamasaka, State House Chief Communications Specialist, stressed China’s key role in electric vehicle manufacturing and highlighted the need for Zambia to speed up the related infrastructure development.

He also emphasised the possibility of Zambia leveraging its mineral resources – key components in electric batteries – to bolster local and regional markets.

Hamasaka also stressed China’s proficiency in regard to agricultural mechanisation, with a varied range of equipment for different farming operations that Zambia could benefit from and boost its agricultural potential.

In addition, Zambia’s state visit offers an opportunity to look into trading various food commodities. The extensive population in China makes it an attractive market for a host of Zambian products.

Moreover, as Zambia’s Chief Marketing Officer, President Hichilema aims to make his country an attractive investment destination and focus on economic growth and development avenues via collaborating with China’s business community.