Zambia works on sustainable development

20 Aug 2019

plantZambia aims to improve sustainable development across the country, a spokesperson revealed.

In a meeting held by Finance Minister Bwalya Ng'andu and cooperating partners, boosting the country’s development was a main topic of discussion. The minister said his government priorities the partnership with cooperating partners and encourages further discussions to continuously better development programs, ministry spokesperson Chileshe Kandeta revealed.

"Hard work is beckoning, the need for action is immediate,” he said.

“My ministry will require your unfettered support to push policy implementation and get work done.”

Speaking on behalf of the cooperating partners, Christoph Fritz, German Head of Development Cooperation, confirmed the partners’ willingness and commitment towards strengthening their partnership with the government.

He also added that the government’s assurance of implementing austerity measures conveyed a necessary message internationally, proving that authorities were working hard to improve the country’s fiscal health.

The partners then encouraged the finance minister to keep working towards obtaining an International Monetary Fund (IMF) supported economic program to grow financing options in Zambia.

The discussion also included subjects like debt management, financial governance, private sector development, value-for-money public investment, protection of social spending and economic stabilization and growth reforms.