Zambia to promote its tourism sector in Brazil

14 Jan 2020

Victoria Falls Zambia has introduced an extensive marketing campaign, in order to promote its tourism potential in Brazil, said a government official on Monday.

Zambia’s ambassador to Brazil, Alfred Kansembe, said the embassy has rolled out a routine marketing of the country’s tourism industry, and targeted it towards corporate and higher learning institutions. 

Kansembe said that so far, the embassy has held discussions with corporations and universities in Brazil, to attract visitors and tourists to Zambia in order to experience the country’s tourism potential, according to a statement issued by the embassy. 

She said that so far Brazilians and corporate agencies have been scouting for more information about Zambia’s rich tourism sector. 

The Zambian representative also revealed further plans that were being carried out to host a tourism expo in Brazil in 2020, in order to promote and advertise the potential of the African nation’s tourism sector to the Latin American country. 

Zambia was rated as one of the top 20 countries to visit in 2020 by CNN. Home to various species of wildlife, Zambia boasts several natural tourist attractions, and is also rich in cultural heritage and traditional ceremonies for visitors to experience and appreciate. 

In 2018, travel and tourism was Zambia’s fastest-growing national economic sector, accounting for ZMK 19.4 billion ($1,846.9 million) of the country’s national economy.