Zambia prioritises tourism sector’s growth

24 Jul 2019

game reservePresident Edgar Lungu has revealed that the Zambian government is focused on boosting the tourism sector in order to enhance the country’s economy, the Lusaka Times reports.

He went on to say that the government wants to ensure the sector is aided to reach its full potential, while adding that local entrepreneurs should be trained to compete in the tourism industry.

This came as President Lungu spoke at a State House in Lusaka today when visiting United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) Secretary General, Zurab Pololilashvili.

The President welcomed the UNWTO Secretary General, stating that the timing was on point as the country was undergoing changes caused by climate concerns, which would in turn affect the wildlife and therefore tourism too and should be addressed.

He also noted that seeking the right solutions to tackle the issue at hand would require engaging the UNWTO in areas where Zambia has wildlife.

Meanwhile, Zurab Pololilashvili pointed out that Zambia’s potential for tourism could be used for sustainability purposes, adding that the Zambian government and UNWTO should partner to implement long-term plans aimed at bringing in more tourists to the country.

Additionally, the UNWTO Secretary General pointed out that connectivity could also be boosted in Zambia’s tourism sector, before adding that the domestic and national airlines will have a notable impact on the sector, and that the Zambian national airline will provide great competition in the tourism industry in the African region.