Zambia’s maize production forecast to increase

18 Oct 2019

Zambia maizeZambia’s agricultural sector is due to produce over 3 million metric tonnes of maize during the 2019-2020 farming season, said Minister of Agriculture Hon. Michael Katambo. 

He added that the 2020-2021 farming season is also expected to witness a rise of about 3.5 million metric tonnes in maize production, with the entire sector forecast to produce over 5 million metric tonnes of maize. 

“We’ve opened up a formal trade agreement with the Democratic Republic of Congo and of course on various commodities not only maize but several leguminous seed varieties,” said Katambo. 

Mr Katambo noted these increases will boost the revenue of Zambian farmers who will look towards establishing trade deals with the Democratic Republic of Congo and other neighbouring countries. 

The news arrived during a media brief by the minister, following a Regional Cluster meeting on Economic Diversification and Job Creation chaired by His Excellency president Edgar Lungu at Statehouse on Wednesday morning, the Lusaka Times reports. 

During the summit, chairperson of the Regional Cluster on Economic Diversification and Job Creation Hon. Nickson Chilangwa underlined, among other topics, the need to speed up the northern circuit through the Kalunguishi Basin Hydro Power potential. 

He also highlighted the importance of localising afforestation, instead of selling it to foreign businesses. 
Mr Chilangwa, also a minister for the Northern Province, voiced his gratitude towards President Lungu for welcoming all the suggestions proposed by provincial ministers and their permanent secretaries with open arms.