Zambia government to give youth chance

04 Jan 2021

Zambian youths will be the protagonists in 2021, Leadership Movement (LM) stated, continuing to point out that their role is critical for the country’s development. 

Previous governments made the mistake of ignoring the youths to develop Zambia, Party president Dr Richard Silumbe affirmed. He described the youths as the ones whose energy can help the country reach national development. 

Opportunities will be given to the youth, Dr Silumbe said, suggesting that Zambia’s youths had been waiting for this moment for quite some time, and this was only possible thanks to LM in government. 

He said, “With production in place, the country would see meaningful development whether a country was landlocked or had weak currency. When the country starts producing, know that the economy has begun to recover. The song should be production after production until the country produces enough to export and earn forex.”

Dr Silumbe said that the inclusion of youths is a game changer. 

“The production of food in the state farms littered in districts will also contribute towards the reduction of food costs,” he continued. 
Moreover, the LM party is looking to bring back local industries and see them recovered from the pandemic. non-functioning companies will also be helped.