Zambia Airways to begin operating again in late 2019

04 Apr 2019

flightZambia Airways, the country’s national airline, is set to start operating again in the third quarter of this year.

Speaking in a statement, Transport and Communications Minister Dr.Brian Mushimba said partners had met up in February to finalise plans and set routes to Europe and the Middle East.

The airline will be seeking to fill senior management positions as the launch nears, having previously appointed Bruk Endeshaw Abebe as its Chief Executive Officer.

“We are committed to relaunching Zambia Airways to take advantage of the airport infrastructure we have made, in the radars, air navigation system, the best of its kind in the Southern African region,” said Dr. Mushimba, during a parliamentary committee session on transport works.

Over the next decade, it is forecast that the airline will transport a whopping 1.9 million passengers.

Zambia Airways forms part of a joint venture between the Zambian government, which holds 55% stake, and Ethiopian airlines holding 45% shares.