Ties with China could help improve Zambian economy

31 Jul 2019

Zambia and China’s bilateral ties are a key priority for the Zambian government and will benefit the Zambian economy, an industry group said on Monday. 

As oil.co.za reports, the Chingola Chamber of Commerce and Industry President Fred Musonda, Zambia’s economic relations with China had improved significantly, particularly in areas such as trade. 

"We have been getting good news from China that the Asian nation wants to import goats and sheep as well as blueberries. This is all through bilateral trade and further China will provide a readily available market for the products," he said.
He went on to point out that the two countries had first established their diplomatic ties 55 years ago, which have since grown significantly. 

"China has supported Zambia since time in memorial after Zambia gained her independence from the colonial masters. The Asian country has proved to be a good friend of Zambia since the 1970s," Musonda said. 

He also proposed that the Zambian government would strengthen its cooperation with China under the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), which he says will help Zambia better its infrastructure and consequently improve its economy.
Peter Daka, a Chingola resident, said China’s BRI would be useful for Zambia, Africa and beyond. 

"China has a long-term foresight,” he said. 

“It's not that BRI is beneficial to African countries alone. It will also bring about enhanced trade not only with African states but other developed nations.”

Daka, who is an entrepreneur that has visited China on business trips, went on to say that Zambia could also benefit from understanding the Chinese work culture while embracing technology for national development.