Farmer refugees to benefit from donation

10 Jul 2019

The African Union has donated US$100,000 to Zambia, which will be used to help the 2,000 refugees involved in farming, the Lusaka Times reports. 

According to Commissioner for Refugees Abdon Mawere, refugee farmers in Mantapala in Luapula, Meheba in Northwestern and Mayukwayukwa in Western Provinces will be helped with their farming tasks. He said that around 700 farmers in each refugee settlement would be entitled to the Farmer Input Support Program.
The African Union’s donations came shortly after recommendations from the Permanent Representative Committee (PRC) Sub-Committee, which visited Zambia to assess its refugee situation. 

The Ministry of Agriculture received the funds directly, forming part of the FISP program for refugees. 

Mawere went on to say that the government has been impressed with refugees who are self-starters and have dedicated their efforts towards farming, adding that he is hopeful more donations will be placed to support refugee farmers.
In the Mantapala Refugee Settlement, there are around 280 refugee households that cultivate maize, 50 that cultivate beans and 40 that cultivate groundnuts in the 2018/2019 farming season.